Le Cerema présent à Resilient Cities 2015 du 8 au 10 juin 2015 à Bonn (Allemagne)

publié le 26 juin 2015

Plus de 420 participants dont environ 170 intervenants en provenance de 56 pays ont pris part à ce colloque international sur la résilience urbaine et l’adaptation.

Site internet du colloque : http://resilientcities2015.iclei.org/

Le Cerema a réalisé une présentation à Résilient Cities 2015 le mardi 8 juin 2015 à 13h30 lors de la session de présentation sur posters.

« Semarang city and subsidence : From scientific data to territorial resilience »

Presenter : Clara Villar, Director of Studies Resilience and Crisis, CEREMA, Lyon, France

The city of Semarang (Indonesia), with its highly urbanized coastal strip, is faced with constant natural hazards. Although a scientific understanding developed by the Diponegoro University (UNDIP) facilitates the prediction of disasters, implemented actions still remain isolated and of limited effectiveness. Against this backdrop, since 2013, UNDIP and Cerema (France) have collaborated and launched a process to help the city adapt to anticipated future changes, addressing all sustainable aspects for the territory. Several steps are taken in that direction : Factors of disorder and key issues are analyzed, while system modelling, an analysis grid and territorial observatory are being established. The project is based on the collective works of UNDIP, city stakeholders and CEREMA.